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Deposit Accounts

We can tailor our deposit accounts and many banking services to meet all of your financial needs. 

We offer a wide variety of checking accounts, savings accounts, time deposit accounts and individual retirement accounts to meet any and all of your deposit needs.  We also offer many services to ensure you receive a complete banking experience.  Stop by today to meet with one of our deposit specialist so that we may develop a solution to meet your financial needs. 

Some of our specialty accounts include our Tot-to-Teen account.  This account is directed toward our customers under the age of 18.  You may open the account with as little as $250.00 and may add to the account up to 4 times a year.  The minimum deposit for each addition is $25.00.  For more details regarding current rates and other exemptions please contact us.

New to our account line up are Kasasa Accounts.  These accounts are free checking accounts that offer rewards.  We simply ask for you to qualify by doing transactions you are most likely already doing currently.  The good news is if you don't qualify there are no penalties and you can try again during your next statement cycle.  We currently offer Kasasa Cash, Kasasa Cash Back and Kasasa Saver.  For more details contact one our representatives.